Friday, December 19, 2008

remember, oh i don't know fifteen years ago, when meeting people on the internet was wierd and creepy and often a subject for the maury povich show?

so after a few good bouts of procrastination and some encouragement from friends i joined
anywho it led me to tonight's date. he's the second man i've met through the site; and while the date i had last night went swimmingly, this one didn't.

reason #1.
he thought it would be nice to be a muslim woman living in the middle east. that whole freedom from choice thing is apparently enticing to some?

reason #2.
he was a vegetarian. but i'm suspicious that he's really a vegan. also when i asked him if he had any moral reason why he abstained from meat, he told me it was mostly a "control issue". control issue. it sounds so smug.

reason #3.
and i couldn't stop thinking about it the entire time we drank our coffee and ate a small chocolate cake. i met him in the virgin mega-store, where he bought a shania twain cd.

addendum. he also used the word "sexy" as a noun and an adjective.

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