Thursday, December 11, 2008

a long and not very interesting story demonstrating my stupidity

im taking this drafting class, and its involves a lot of materials. a lot more than i initially anticipated, but thats neither here nor there.
one of the tools i needed was this ruler that you attach to your drawing board so its parallel and all your drawings are perfect and beautiful.
i'd never seen one of these contraptions before, so i took me a WHILE to figure out that mine was broken and maybe missing pieces. after waiting in dick blick for an hour and a half (also i had thrown away the receipt) i finally got the manager to give me an even exchange.
but they didn't have another in the size i needed, so they would order it and call me when it arrived.

so i wait a week, hear nothing, and then call the art store to see whats going on.

surprise surprise they know nothing about what happened and i spent a good 45 minutes telling the manager my story and describing who helped me, a big black girl with tattoos, a little white girl who was in charge of inventory.
he replied little white girls weren't incharge of anything here.
anywho long story short he agreed to accept my return without a receipt and all i needed to do was come in.

i walked to dick blick, realizing when i walked in the door i had called utrecht.