Thursday, September 4, 2008

if you look closely you can see her nipple

this evening i volunteered at a fashion show. i was an usher, helping people to their seats, handing out programs, blah blah blah. before it started, i decided i should probably know where the restrooms were so i could direct people to them.
as i walked through the hallway bumped into a familiar looking woman.
i asked in an awkwardly loud voice, "WHERE ARE THE TOILETS?"
it was only then that i realized i had asked shannen doherty. who was inexplicably the host of the event.
she looked at me and said, "read the signs."
then turned to her friend and said, "the pretty ones always look so lost."
YES! all is right with the world. shannen doherty has proven all rumors true; she is a bitch. and i got a compliment. she thinks i'm stupid. but she thinks i'm pretty. pretty trumps stupid.

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Jermaine said...

we shouldn't be faulted for good looks.