Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shave and a haircut. two bits.

i hate getting my haircut. i hate the intimacy with a stranger, the forced conversation, the feeling of hair sticking to your neck and forehead.
i don't really like to have long drawn out talks with hairdressers. i let them know what i want, we discuss the cut... but after that when they ask me what i do or how my summer was, it takes everything in me not to respond with, "please don't address me until it's time to ask me how i like my hair."
i got a dreadful haircut this morning... long story short i wanted it thinned out. when i asked the stylist to clean up my sideburns he buzzed them down to almost nothing. which upset me to no end. when i got home and looked it the mirror i saw that my hair had been thinned so much that you could see large pieces of my scalp from many angles. combined with my supremely short sideburns it looked like i had down syndrome and was going through a course of chemotherapy. it was definitely "a very special episode" of "life goes on".
i'm back to having a buzz cut. it was my only option.


Amy said...

agreed. i'd be happiest if a robot cut my hair.

marcus said...

I hate the idle chit chats at the barbers. Lets face it, we dont care about you and we dont really want to tell you what we do, just get on with the hair! That is why i got a razor and shaving brush from gentlemans shop and now shave myself at home, saves all that awkward conversation.