Sunday, October 31, 2010

i'm back. again.

britney's back bitches!
so my updating has been raaawther splotchy over that last year or so. infact if you go back three or four posts, you will see a drunken promise to run the new york city marathon.
next sunday, november 7th, i will in fact be running. running seems a bit arrogant though... it's so exclusionary of the walking i might be doing. i like the word participating a bit more.

and a short series of updates.
i cut off my hair once i realized it wasn't quite as attractive as i had imagined. don't get me wrong i have nice hair... but there is something about having shaggy hair and a body on the pudgier side of awkward that gets you mistaken as a women from the rear by french tourists. true story.

i quit my job, got a new job, and then decided i wanted my old job back. and sort of got it back. more on that later.

so to be concise.
1. running the marathon.
2. lost a bit of weight training for said marathon.
3. grew my hair out really long to then realize i didn't like it that much and short hair is ultimately more comfortable and flattering.
4. quit my job.
5. got a new job.
6. quit that job.
7. got my old job back.

my parents are really proud of me.

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amy said...

i kind of wanted to mess with you here and leave a super long comment in japanese characters...but i'll resist.

glad you're back, pally! i like that top pic. and i like you with short hair. but glad i got to see you with long. and can't wait to hear how the marathon goes wootwoot!!