Monday, April 6, 2009

homeless people talk to me a lot

yesterday morning i rolled out of bed early and ran out to do some errands. the first person i saw was a homeless man.
it's a scientific fact that homeless/crazy people are preternaturally drawn to speaking to me. normally i pretend that they're not there and hold my breath until they pass.
didn't work this time. as soon as he sees me he says, "hey son, pick up your head. it's not that bad! you sexy!"


Anonymous said...

I've got a solution for the homeless. When they start telling you their story--which they tell me to--give them one of these.

This is an "invitation" to my soup kitchen. We serve on Wednesday's (for now) from 11-3pm. The food is great and the menu is based on sound nutritional principals. just print a few out and give it to people on subways, in bushes, etc.

Scott Keatley

mm said...

thats a good idea, i always try to avoid them but now that i'm armed with a helpful pamphlet/vague insult who knows what i'll be able to do.
ps. how long have you been in the city scott?