Sunday, February 8, 2009

so i deal a lot with assholes

...and i have a hard time not shooting it back at them. when an old woman shakes a finger in my face, i have no fear in shaking mine back in hers. when a guest at the door tells me that the concierge at the ritz carlton made them a reservation, i have no problem in calling him out as a liar... especially if there is a crowd, and especially if you can see the wife is embarrassed about what an asshole her husband is.
yesterday i got called over to a table so this guy could complain that we only had "sweet n' low" for his coffee. when i pointed out the sugar, he replied in a loud voice that i had just insulted him because he is diabetic. i wanted to ask him how that tiramisu was... but i didn't, instead i apologized. he then told me that "sweet 'n low" was cheap and asked if i wanted to appear cheap.
"i never appear cheap," i tell him and walk away.
he was dining alone.

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