Saturday, January 3, 2009

one of the things i do like

... is "everybody loves raymond". i'm probably one of the only "young people" in the world that actually likes this show. everything about it is enjoyable to me except for the fact that in real life patricia heaton is a republican.
she voted for mccain.
like my dad.
i guess next time i see her i'll just have to avoid that as a topic of conversation.

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amy said...

i love that you love this show. i don't really so much, maybe when my MIL moves across the street, but because i have 12 million equivalents, i feel a kinship.

i was miserable for a week when i found out the kelsey grammer loves coke and strippers, but then i just blocked it out and now i've almost forgot. same with tom selleck and gerald mcraney and their nra deals. blind eye, blind eye...